Our History

September 1962   

On February 13th, 1963, the first principal, Mr. Bao-Zhen Wang, held the school opening ceremony with only 5 classrooms, 5 classes with 283 students, 8 faculty members, and 2,711 square meters.


September 1966

Mr. Chao-Fu Ning, the second principal, with 15 classrooms, 880 students in 17 classes, and 22 faculty and staff.


October 1972

The 10th anniversary celebration of Qingjiang and the completion ceremony of the expansion of the playground were held. There were 23 classrooms, with 1,154 students in 24 classes, and 41 faculty members.



The school was included in Taipei City, known as Qingjiang Elementary School in Beitou District, with 1,200 students in 28 classes.


August 1974

Mr. Zhi-Yu Chen, the third principal, with 1,200 students in 28 classes.
August 1982

Mr. Ru-Yue Chen, the fourth principal, with 1,485 students in 33 classes, and the school expanded to 22,944 square meters.



September 1983    The fourth administrative building was completed, with a total of four floors and 3 conference rooms, the principal's room, an office, the library, and science classrooms.
1986 Mr. Fan-Sen Wang and Mr. Guo-Rong Su jointly developed the "Qingjiang No. 1 Library" integrated system for the Qingjiang Elementary School Library. It was the first kind of library automation software in Taiwan, which paved the way for library automation in the future.
August 1987 Established four classes in a kindergarten attached to the elementary school, enrolling 120 students.
November 1987 The fifth building was newly constructed, with a total of four floors and nine classrooms including one audio-visual classroom and one music classroom.
August 1989 Mr. Jin-Sing Wu, the fifth principal, expanded the computer classrooms, with 1560 students in 39 classes.
August 1993 Mr. Guo-Tai Li, the sixth principal, with 1,489 students in 41 elementary school classes, 120 students in 4 kindergarten classes, and 85 faculty members.
February 1998

Mr. Fa Huang, the seventh principal, with 1,127 students in 40 elementary school classes, 120 students in 4 kindergarten classes, and 88 faculty members.

August 2003 Mr. Jin-Zhang Xu, the 8th and 9th principal.
August 2011 Ms. Yi-Jun He, the 10th principal.
August 2015 Mr. Guo-Zhao Liu, the 11th principal.