Badge & school song

Our school badge consists of three colors: red, yellow and green,and shows a sight of ripe ears of rice back in the old days.


The location of Qingjiang Elementary School was on a piece of farmland in the early days. Accordingly, the design of the school badge consists of green leaves of paddy fields which support the golden rice that grows on top and is ready for harvest, and “Qingjiang” in red symbolizes the sunlight flooding the earth, works as a metaphor of effort of the community, the parents and the school, providing shining light on the students, to bring them much hope and a great future!

Qingjiang Elementary School provides nutrients for the students to grow as a close analogy with the leaves of rice supporting the grains of rice. The ripe and outstanding grains of rice do not only represent the students’ learning outcomes but looks like two arms holding and protecting the school!

Therefore, the circular school badge, which represents the perfection from all the dedications and the efforts of the participants, carries the historical meaning that we can continue from the past to the present and look forward toward a brighter future.

School song